Chevy Volt Will Win Car of the Year

While it is always risky making predictions, this one is a slam dunk: The Chevrolet Volt will win the North American Car of the Year award at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month. Unfortunately we seem to live in a world where objective analysis has given way to political correctness, which is why I am confident regarding my prediction.

The federal government is politically invested in ensuring that the Volt is a success as evidenced by a $7,500 credit of taxpayer money for every Volt to entice buyers to take home a very expensive compact car that comes with range limitations as a standard feature.

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Never mind that the Volt is a niche vehicle that will sell in numbers too small to have much impact on oil use. Never mind that other car companies that did not rely on government bailouts have developed fuel-efficient vehicles with the latest technology that will sell in numbers that dwarf sales of the Volt, thus having a much larger impact on the amount of oil use.

The ruling class has already decided the winner of the prestigious North American Car of the Year — the official announcement is just a formality.