Carrot and stick for Detroit parents

DETROIT — Parents can receive discounts from stores and retailers if they become more involved in Detroit Public Schools parent programs, according to The Detroit News.  In contrast, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy recently suggested jail time for parents who don't show up for parent-student conferences, CNN reported.

The district plans to hand out 30,000 electronic cards in November that will be scanned each time the user attends a program, such as those on parenting or job skills, according to The News. More frequent attendance leads to greater rewards, the report said.

The district recently opened its eighth Parent Resource Center, this one at Phoenix Academy, The News reported.

Worthy suggested the Detroit City Council adopt a proposal requiring a parent to attend at least one parent-teacher conference a year or face up to three days in jail, according to CNN. Her idea has met with mixed support, the report said.

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