Healthcare Corporatism

Big news was made recently when McDonald's announced it may have to end its "mini-med" healthcare plans that cover nearly 30,000 employees. These low-cost, limited benefit plans are aimed at temporary workers designed for companies with high worker turnover. As a result, the overhead costs are too high as applied under ObamaCare regulations.

But it is an election year, and just a few days later the Health and Human Services Department announced temporary waivers for low-wage fast food chains like McDonald's, Jack in the Box and Denny's as well as health giants Cigna and Aetna and a New York teachers union.  The Wall Street Journal editorializes that "Democrats from Mr. Obama on down call [the healthcare bill rules] 'the patients' bill of rights,' but people don't regularly need exemptions from a bill of rights."

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It never ceases to amaze how often both sides accuse the other of being in the pocket of "Big Business." But many companies want government favors and large corporations, which have the most lobbyists, are in the best position to have them granted. Big Business thrives off of Big Government, and as long as government is involved in certain sectors of the economy, these political favors will not end.

Certainly, none of these companies can be blamed for wanting to be out from under healthcare regulations. But solving this problem doesn't mean allowing government bureaucracies to pick and choose who follows what laws; it means granting everyone a waiver from ObamaCare.