WINDSOR, Ont. — A 10-year-old Windsor boy who completed part of his education in Michigan is being denied entry to public high school in Windsor even though he's completed the eighth-grade curriculum, The Windsor Star reported. School officials said he's too young for high school and will have to repeat lower grades, the report said.

Bachar Sbeiti attended The Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills in his early elementary years, then returned to Windsor and attended a private school there, The Star reported.

Now the Greater Essex County District School Board has said he is too young for high school and his mother told The Star that she has not been able to find a suitable private high school in the area.

Sharon Pyke, a superintendent of education with the Greater Essex District, told The Star that a child of Sbeiti's age belongs in fifth or sixth grade.

"Our belief is that we do not accelerate students," Pyke told The Star. She said the district will develop an individual plan to offer Sbeiti an expanded or more in-depth curriculum.

"It makes me feel bad," Sbeiti told The Star. "The city, I believe, should encourage people to go higher and be smarter."

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