Aug. 27 Michigan Legislature Roll Call Report

Every week, sends a report to newspapers and TV stations showing how just the state legislators in each publication's service area voted on the most important and interesting bills and amendments of the past seven days. The version shown here instead contains a link to the complete roll call tally in either the House or Senate. To find out who your state senator is and how to contact him or her go here; for state representatives go here.

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House Bill 5872, Spend federal "Edujobs" stimulus money, passed in the House (90 to 14)
To authorize spending the $312 million granted to Michigan's school budget by the "Edujobs" portion of the federal "Stimulus 2" bill passed by Congress earlier this month. 

Complete Roll Call Vote Tally

House Bill 6245, Expand certain subsidized housing project tax breaks, passed in the House (85 to 14)
To exempt housing projects receiving state or federal subsidies and on property sold by a "land bank fast track authority" from the (discounted) property tax imposed on such property. 

Complete Roll Call Vote Tally

House Bill 6086, Appropriate new federal money & shift fund sources, passed in the House (57 to 47)
To appropriate $395 million in mostly new federal money, substituting it for state tax and fee revenue in the current budget. Most goes to welfare and Medicaid-related spending and to cover increased caseloads. Also, $28 million in state dollars are appropriated to the Department of Corrections, which has overspent its current year budget. Also, to shift school aid fund money to community colleges to balance the budget. 

Complete Roll Call Vote Tally


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