Students Prepare for Careers in Sagging Michigan Film Industry

The cost of the Michigan film subsidy program continues to be ignored, according to a Mackinac Center fiscal analyst.

"The first lesson you learn in economics 101 class is at what cost," Mike LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, told The Detroit News.

Some two dozen students from Michigan State University, Wayne State University and the University of Michigan are participating in the "2010 Creative Film Alliance Summer Institute," a program sponsored by the three schools. LaFaive said the money spent on the program could be better used to lower tuition for all students.

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The intent of the institute is to prepare students for careers in the movie industry. Despite giving away millions of dollars in film subsidies, there are about 10 percent fewer jobs in the industry today compared to when the subsidy program started two years ago, according to research by Fiscal Policy Analyst James Hohman.