Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Can we get a representative from within the bureaucracy of a major political party to enunciate some patient-friendly health-care reform?

From Colorado blogger Ben DeGrow:

I’ve been a member of the Stupid Party for most of my adult life. And when I say the Stupid Party, I mean the Republican Party. Has the Republican National Committee learned anything from the recent election disasters? If anything, the wrong lessons.

I’m talking about today’s Washington Post op-ed by RNC chairman Michael Steele that actually pits the GOP as the pandering “Party of the Entitlement Status Quo” (H/T Jon Henke).

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The tide has turned against Obama Care’s government health care takeover, and what do we get? The Democrat-light “seniors’ health care bill of rights,” rather than a serious proposal that injects more freedom and portability into the debate.

At least he is able to find a handful of officeholders who get it. Click here to find out who.

(Cross-posted from State House Call.)