Empower People, Not Insurance Companies

The Caesar Rodney Institute says that in the health reform debate, we should ask “If Americans were starting from scratch with establishing a health care insurance framework in America, what would we want?”

It’s not that we can actually start from scratch, the institute says. But rather, it focuses the mind.

The Delaware-focused institute says:

America wants a health care system that is more affordable; offers more choices; is less confusing; expands access beyond what is currently provided; provides options for those with pre-existing conditions, the elderly and the poor; does not infringe on patient choice; and does not create a massively expanded federal bureaucracy that is too costly and ineffective.

It lays out some ideas in a nine-page report (PDF) that starts with the assumption that “individuals, not the government and not the insurance companies should control health care.”

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(Cross-posted from State House Call.)