Charters gain market share

FLINT, Mich. - More than one-third of the students who live within Detroit Public Schools boundaries attended a public charter school in 2008-2009, a national report shows. In Flint, about 25 percent of the students attended charters and in Grand Rapids, 17 percent.

Writing about The National Alliance for Public Charters annual report, The Flint Journal noted that Flint ranks eighth in the nation in terms of the percentage of students attending charters. Detroit is third, according to the report, and Grand Rapids ranked 14th, tied with four districts in other states.

New Orleans was No. 1, the report said, where 57 percent of students assigned to the New Orleans Public School System attend charter schools instead.

A Flint Journal review of enrollment at the 10 charter public schools in Genesee County showed a combined increase of 500 students over the previous year. International Academy of Flint gained 100 students alone, and no charter school lost enrollment, The Journal reported.

Enrollment in Flint Community Schools dropped by nearly 1,500 students during the same time period, according to The Journal.

A Flint Community Schools spokesman told The Journal that enrollment did not drop as much as expected and that the district is focusing on delivering a high-quality education as a way of attracting parents.

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