HONOLULU, Hawaii - Hawaii teachers will take 17 "furlough Friday" days this year, but some parents want to keep school open by renting the buildings and paying teachers privately to show up, according to The Honolulu Advertiser.

Several Parent Teacher Student Associations around the Islands are now calculating the cost per family and feasibility of the plan, the Advertiser reported. A number of community organizations have said they will offer all-day camps or educational programs on furlough days, but some parents want their kids to be in the classroom, according to the report.

Working parents pointed out that the furlough days will cost them money on top of the taxes they pay for public education, since they will have to pay for child care, alternate programs or to pay teachers to teach on furlough days, according to the Advertiser.

The Hawaii State Teachers Association's latest contract calls for furlough Fridays for about 13,000 teachers at 256 schools, the Advertiser reported.

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