WARREN, Mich. - Michigan Collegiate High School and Middle School came out ahead in an ongoing legal battle recently, as the Michigan Supreme Court refused to take up the City of Warren's case against the public charter school's development, according to C&G News.

The city has challenged the school's site plan since 2007, citing concerns with traffic and size of the site, according to C&G News. A Macomb County judge ruled twice on behalf of the school, formerly called Conner Creek Academy, ordering building permits to be issued and allowing construction to continue. The state court of Appeals also upheld the school.

The school currently enrolls 475 students, Superintendent Chuck Meredith told C&G News.

"We're happy that it's finally over and that we can move on, and do what we wanted to do in the first place, which is to educate kids," Meredith said.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said he was "very disappointed" and told C&G News he would press his case with state officials and Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

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