MEA: Is Michigan’s Largest Teacher Union Helping or Hurting Education?

IMPORTANT: Please note that what follows is a discussion of the Michigan Education Association (MEA), not the many fine teachers that the union purports to represent. Although the MEA tries to position itself as a representative union, many, if not most, teachers disagree with the views it promotes and the actions it takes—an important point demonstrated herein. The MEA regularly attempts to dismiss criticism by suggesting that those who point out the MEA’s damaging policies are anti-teacher, anti-child, or anti-public education.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a leading proponent of education reform in Michigan, and has been instrumental in many of the state’s nationally acclaimed advances. Due to its reports critical of the MEA’s opposition to genuine education reform, the Mackinac Center has been a frequent target of disparaging MEA comments. The purpose of the information below is to document and clarify some of the Mackinac Center’s concerns with the attitudes and actions of the MEA. Readers may judge for themselves whether the policies promoted by the MEA reflect an organization committed to the best interests of Michigan children, teachers, and parents.

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