MDOT also must consider speeding up efforts to privatize a number of transportation functions now performed by the state, or by county governments on behalf of the state. One of the state's first efforts in this regard led to Wayne County dramatically lowering its bid for services to the state in order to keep the contract from being awarded to private bidders. While it is doubtful that MDOT is really saving as much as it would have from awarding this contract to an outside contractor, the process did bring about significant re-evaluation of Wayne County's operations. MDOT needs to bid out much more of its work in a similar manner, including tasks currently being performed by MDOT district garages. One recent example includes a snow removal contract for work on I-496 in Lansing. There are also state bridge facilities where maintenance and toll collection services could be privatized with likely savings. One example is the U.S. side of the Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron.