About the Author

Diane Katz is director of science, environment and technology policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Her recent Mackinac Center studies include analyses of Michigan's telecommunications market, environmental cleanup and land preservation programs. Before joining the Mackinac Center in 2001, Ms. Katz spent 17 years with The Detroit News — eight years as a reporter, and nine years as a member of the editorial board specializing in science and the environment, telecommunications and technology, and the auto industry. Her work has won numerous journalism awards and has been published by The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and National Review.

The author wishes to thank Solveig Singleton, formerly of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), for assisting with the sections on access charges and universal service. Braden Cox, technology counsel with CEI's Project on Technology and Innovation, also provided valuable help on the issue of spectrum allocation.