Learn How Michigan Entrepreneurs Helped Make America Great

Inspiring Stories Adapted from Empire Builders

Empire Builders as Inspiration

Flake Mistake Leads Will Kellogg to Fame and Fortune
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Herbert Dow, Monopoly Buster
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Henry Ford Puts America on Wheels
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Michigan’s Fantastic Federal Fur Failure
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Canal and Railroad Fiascos Inspire Constitutional Amendment
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Empire Builders is the remarkable story of how Michigan’s early entrepreneurs led the United States to global prominence in cars, chemicals, and corn flakes. Henry Ford, Billy Durant, Herbert Dow, and Will Kellogg all failed before they succeeded—and sometimes even after they succeeded. Yet they shared a stubborn persistence to invent and market something that would make life simpler for millions of people.

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At a time when Americans seem confused about their past, Empire Builders provides readers with triumphant heroes, dramatic stories, and a useful heritage to study and learn.

Empire Builders is published by Rhodes and Easton (1-800-706-4636) in conjunction with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy (1-800-22-IDEAS).

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Empire Builders
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