Appendix A: Revisions to Previous Publications

Some school districts answered survey questions in ways that made it necessary to recategorize their responses from 2016. These districts and the accompanying revisions are listed below:

  • Beaver Island Community Schools clarified that their custodial worker was employed through the district and not through an employee leasing agency.

  • Chelsea School District outsourced their food service starting in January of 2016.

  • Detour Area Schools clarified that they outsourced one regular custodial worker last year.

  • Fenton Area Public Schools contracted out a few regular custodial workers in addition to substitutes last year.

  • Hale Area Schools outsourced a few regular bus drivers and a few regular food workers last year.

  • Hancock Public Schools reported bringing their custodial worker back in house last year, but the employee was still contracting with them.

  • Houghton-Portage Township Schools clarified that they had a few regular contracted food service workers in addition to substitutes.