Mackinac Center Policy Analyst, Congressman Walberg Discuss Civil Forfeiture

Google Hangout on the topic tonight

Policy Analyst Jarrett Skorup took part in a Google Hangout with Congressman Tim Walberg on the issue of civil asset forfeiture. The event was sponsored by Generation Opportunity, a national network that connects young people “promoting economic opportunity and prosperity.”

At the federal level, Walberg has introduced with Sen. Rand Paul and a bipartisan groups of co-sponsors the “Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act.” The proposed bill would require a higher burden of proof before property can be forfeited while also changing the “innocent owner defense” away from the government to the property owner. Skorup has an upcoming policy brief about civil forfeiture laws in Michigan and the need for changes. He has testified and written about some reform bills currently going through the legislature.

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