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Is the DEQ Harassing Hart Enterprises?

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A Sparta, Mich., company got a surprise visit in March 2011 from a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality air quality inspector. Hart Enterprises Inc. does not need an air permit to do business. A company official tells the Mackinac Center he believes the unannounced visit is more than coincidence, given the company's ongoing legal dispute against the state over a so-called "wetland" on its property.

He says the DEQ's tactics may send Hart Enterprises, its jobs — and its help wanted sign — out of Michigan.

UPDATE: After the posting of this video, a DEQ spokesperson responded to the Mackinac Center's questions. He declined to comment on the specifics of dealings with Hart Enterprises Inc. "because there is pending court action." He did, however, state that unannounced visits by inspectors are common practice and that "most of the inspections result in confirmation of meeting all requirements."

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