Revisions in Results

Lawrence Public Schools has been contracting out two of its seven custodial positions since 2009. This meets the definition for having contracted out services and figures for 2009 have been revised to reflect contracting out this service.

Wayland Union Schools has been contracting out for a food service manager. Records for 2008 forward have been updated.

Ann Arbor Public Schools has not been contracting out regular custodial services. This district uses a private contractor for custodial substitutes, which does not meet the definition of a regular custodial service.

Muskegon Heights Public Schools contracted out its custodial management to an employee leasing firm prior to the 2009 survey.

Reading Community Schools has been contracting out its transportation supervisor, a cook and a custodian with an employee leasing firm since 2007.

Algonac Public Schools contracted out two custodial service providers through an employee leasing group.

Concord Community Schools has been contracting out for its custodial and transportation service manager since 2005.