Other Services Contracted

  • 235 districts (42.6 percent) contract out for coaching services.
  • 424 districts (77.0 percent) contract out for substitute teaching services.
  • 248 districts (45.0 percent) contract out for snow removal.
  • 176 districts (31.9 percent) contract out for lawn care.
  • 59 districts (10.7 percent) contract out for maintenance.

Districts contract out beyond food, custodial, and transportation. Every service above saw an increase from last year. This year’s survey also included a new question on maintenance services, though these services are often provided when districts contract out for custodial services.

Many of these services are provided by an employee leasing company that manages the employees and handles the payroll. Contracting out for these positions can save significant money because districts are not required to contribute to the state school employee retirement fund.

Aside from these services, school districts will also often contract out for security, special education, administrative, secretarial, technology and mechanical services among others.

Districts often provide these services in conjunction with others. For instance, district coaches and substitute teacher services may be provided within its teacher contracts and lawn care may be a part of custodial services. Data above represent district-reported private provision of services.