Food Service

  • 31.2 percent of districts (172 out of 551) contract out for food service.
  • Twelve districts began contracting out the service.
  • New food service contracts are expected to save districts $929,379 in the first year.

Food service continues to be the most frequently contracted service, with 172 districts using private contractors. Twelve new districts contracted out food service this year.

Graphic 2: Districts Contracting Food Service

Graphic 2: Districts Contracting Food Service - click to enlarge

The number of districts contracting out for food service was stable for the 2007 to 2009 surveys. This year’s survey found that this trend was broken as 4.9 percent more districts contracted out for this service.

The new contracts for food services are expected to save Michigan school districts $929,379 this year. Savings range from $4,280 at the Chassell Township School District to $563,403 at Rochester Community Schools, and are listed in graphic 3.

The Chassell Township Schools’ cook and an assistant retired and came back through Good Marks for Schools, and the district expects to save $4,280 from the move.

Meridian Public Schools did not provide enough information to obtain a savings number. The district submitted its contractor’s bid, however, which guarantees that the district will operate its food services with a $49,000 annual surplus.

Swartz Creek Community Schools had one individual overseeing both the food and transportation services. After the employee retired the district rehired her through K-12 Kitchens to continue as the food service manager. The district shifted the transportation oversight duties to a different employee.

Graphic 3

Districts new to food service contracting


Rochester Community Schools


Mona Shores Public Schools


Inkster Public


Kearsley Community Schools


Durand Area Schools


Crawford Ausable Schools


Chassell Township Schools


Davison Community Schools

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Bentley Community Schools

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Flat Rock Community Schools

Insufficient documentation

Meridian Public Schools

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Swartz Creek Community Schools

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