When most people talk about the government redistributing wealth, it involves money being taken from those who have more and being given to those who have less, such as with entitlement programs.

That has taken a new twist that few would have predicted with lavish government subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles. The New York Times reports that 20,000 people have reserved a Nissan Leaf, a new all-electric vehicle. Nissan expects the typical Leaf buyer to be affluent, college-educated consumers in their mid-40s. The Feds are granting a $7,500 tax credit as well as $3,000 home-charging unit provided free of cost. On top of this Tennessee, where the Leaf is built, is offering free public charging stations along its freeway system and $2,500 cash rebates. Legislation has been introduced in Michigan that would also provide perks for electric car owners.

The ruling political class has determined that people who may not be able to afford a new car of any kind should subsidize affluent buyers of electric cars. Once again politicians who propose they are for helping the middles class are implementing policies that hurt the very people they claim to help.

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The electric car bailout is no different than the Wall Street, auto or bank bailouts. Big government decides who gets the perks and most taxpayers are left to pay the bill.   


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