Table 12. Notes on Data Sources
Term Source Notes Value in 1998 Change Factor Value in 2008
Current System Traditional Public School Students Based on a blended measure of early-year and late-year attendance. 1,650,000 n/a 1,772,654
Charter School Students Exec. Budget 1998, p. C2, estimates 77 charter schools and 12,500 students in FY1997. Adjusted at 10% growth and for school year following state fiscal year. Likely growth is higher in early years and lower in later years. 15,125 1.1 39,230
Private School Students: Estimates of private school associations and other educators; includes Catholic, Lutheran, and private school association members. 220,000 1.02 268,179
Home School Students Actual number unknown, since many home schoolers distrust government agencies and do not report attendance to them. Number based on averaged estimates of home school parents, associations, and education officials.
Total State and Local Per-Pupil Expenditures This amount does not include two items: ISD and Categoricals. ISD Local operating money is about $600 million, and Categoricals will be about $700 million, Thus, total spending will be higher than this "membership" spending. Federal spending not in these two categories is also excluded.
Per-Pupil Guarantee Exec. Budget 1998 rec: $5,445; up 2.6%. Adjusted for school year following state fiscal year. Does not include all funds. Actual weighted average of expenditures is about 6% higher, since many school districts spend more than the foundation grant. $5,608 1.03 $7,537
Tax Credit Scenario Max Share of Per-Pupil Guarantee Share adjusts from 10% to 50%, according to proposal. 0% n/a 50%
Tuition Growth Factor Assumed to be higher than state funding growth, due to added demand and reduced disincentives for alternative schools. 1.045
n/a = not applicable