Questions to DHS Representative on Feb. 4, 2010 (2:33)

Michigan House Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing on MHBCCC

Transcript appears below. Click here for explanatory Mackinac Center video "Is the MHBCCC Defunded?"

The speakers in this video clip are State Rep. Dudley Spade, D-Tipton, Subcommittee Chair; Susan Kangas, Michigan Department of Human Services Chief Administrative Officer for Financial & Administrative Services; State Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, Subcommittee Vice Chair.

Rep. Spade: The last item on — under — Agenda Item 3 is with regard to the Home Based Child Care Council. And the question there is simply, we eliminated all of the funding for that council under the — in the — day care services area. There was $1,690,000 appropriated in the previous year. The executive office recommended reducing that by $900,000, but in the conference report, we took out the remainder of funding for that line. So I guess the question is simply not anything about what the council is or does or relationships, but we've eliminated the funding: Are you still — what's happened with that? And if it's still being funded, where's that money — I mean, it has to, I presume it has to, be coming from day care, because that's the section that it's in, but ...

Kangas: I know and your question is — that it's a simple question, that it's about funding, but due to the pending litigation, we've been advised by counsel that we cannot comment on that question.

Rep. Spade: Well, again, my — the question is simply from Appropriations Committee about money that we've appropriated, and are you spending it or not. If you are spending it, where are you taking it from?

Kangas: Right. We understand the question, and we did run it past our counsel, and we were advised not to comment. I'm sorry.

Rep. Spade: So we don't know if we're spending money on it or — well, you know, but you won't tell us.

Kangas: We're prohibited from commenting.

Rep. Spade: (simultaneously) You've been advised — OK.

Rep. Spade: Rep. Agema?

Rep. Agema: Who's the attorney?

Kangas: It's our attorney on staff at the department, Luttrell Levingston, and probably in consultation with the Attorney General.

Rep. Agema: Thank you.