Michigan's Freedom of Information Act, applies to most public bodies at the state and local level, but exempts the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, individual members of the Legislature and the Judiciary. As such, none of these offices are legally required to reveal nor obligated to post their office expenditure details, such as the names and salaries of their employees. To date, neither the Governor, Lt. Governor nor state Judiciary voluntarily provides the names and salaries of the taxpayer-funded employees that they have hired on a public website. The payroll details for the staff working in the offices of Attorney General and Secretary of State are subject to FOIA, and must be provided if asked. But to date neither of these offices uses their public website to provide the names and salaries of the taxpayer-funded employees that they have hired. Likewise, neither chamber of the legislature has an official policy of providing detailed payroll data. Nonetheless, beginning in early 2009 with Rep. Tom McMillin, a few of Michigan’s 148 state legislators began to voluntarily report their payroll information. Below is the complete listing of state politicians known to be using their public websites to voluntarily inform the public regarding the payroll data for the taxpayer-funded employees that they have hired:

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Rep. Dave Agema

Rep. Justin Amash

Rep. Kevin Elsenheimer

Rep. Marty Knollenberg

Rep. Eileen Kowall

Rep. Tom McMillin

Rep. Paul Opsommer