[Photo of Evan Carter]

Evan Carter

Reporter for Michigan Capitol Confidential

Evan Carter is a reporter at Michigan Capitol Confidential, the daily news site of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Carter began working for Capitol Confidential in May 2017 after graduating from Hillsdale College with his Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a minor in Journalism. During his time at Hillsdale, he worked for the student newspaper all four years, three of which he served as Web Editor. In addition to working for the student newspaper, Carter spent two summers working for the Detroit News, one summer working for the editorial board and another summer working for the metro desk. His work has been published in the Federalist and Acculturated.

Carter currently resides in Midland, but will always be a Detroiter at heart. When he isn’t working or following the news, you can find him running, catching up on the latest tech news or spending time with his friends.

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