[Photo of Sarah Estelle]

Sarah Estelle

Hope College

Dr. Sarah Estelle is associate professor of economics at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Dr. Estelle earned her B.A. in economics from Hillsdale College and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Before joining Hope's faculty in 2012, she
taught at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

A labor economist by training, Dr. Estelle extends the theories and empirical techniques of microeconomics to questions located along what some might consider the "imperialist" frontier of economic research (made famous by Gary Becker). She is interested in policy in general, but especially education choices, risky health behaviors, and parents' investments in children. Dr. Estelle's current research projects include empirical studies of the effect of a mother's college enrollment on her school-aged children, the influence of a mother's conversations about sexual activity with a teen on the daughter's risky behavior, and the social costs of felony sentencing. Dr. Estelle is the founding director of Hope College's Markets and Morality student organization which explores economic issues through a Christian lens and brings speakers and film screenings to campus to enrich the understanding of markets within the Hope community.  Dr. Estelle is also director of Klesis (Greek for "calling") at Hope College which encourages students to consider attending graduate school through the lens of vocation and Christian service.