The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) has done an extensive analysis of funding needs for roads and transit in Southeast Michigan. It estimates that needs in southeast Michigan on combined state and local roads, through 2030, total $55.3 billion for roads and $13.6 billion for transit, or a total of $68.9 billion. The needs for roads and transit can be broken down as follows in terms of types of expenditures required:

Congestion Reduction $4.0Billion
Bridges Reconstruction and Replacement 7.2B
Safety Improvements 1.6B
Preservation of Road Conditions 27.9B
Road Operations 14.2B
Total 55.3B
Transit 13.6B
Total 68.9Billion

For roads alone, over 25 years, this totals $2.2 billion per year of need. Out of this total, SEMCOG estimates that $25.0 billion is unfunded over 25 years, or about $1.0 billion per year.[58]