On August 31, 1990, Judge Rashid ordered the termination of Ecorse's receivership based upon the surplus of $95,700 as reflected in the audited financial statement for the year ended June 30, 1990. Unlike its inception, the receivership ended quietly. The reigns of government were turned back to the Mayor and Council.

Mr. Louis Schimmel, former Receiver, was appointed by Judge Rashid to be the Monitor for as long as the $4.0 million judgment bonds are outstanding. As Monitor, Mr. Schimmel is responsible for reviewing Ecorse's quarterly operating results and reporting his findings to the Court. The Monitor has no authority or power to affect operations.

At the time that Mr. Schimmel resigned, he warned that unless the diligence of the Receiver was continued by Ecorse officials and management, the potential existed to digress to the same operating problems that created the need for the receivership, including: excessive overtime, hiring a full-time Department of Public Works, eliminating the part-time Fire reservists, failing to make Pension Plan contributions, and letting contracts for projects to other than the lowest qualified bidder.