I. Civil Service Operations

Program: Human resource training and development

Appropriation: Interdepartmental Grants:


  Special Revenue Funds:




Program Description: 

This appropriation funds human resource training and development programs.  According to the Civil Service Commission’s website: “The State of Michigan Department of Civil Service Division for Human Resource Training and Development (HRTD) provides training and development services to classified state employees. HRTD staff serve as consultants and project managers who are available to assist agencies with staff training and development.”  Although individuals may sign up for classes on their own, in most cases the employing department will pay for the classes.

Recommended Action: 

The Legislature could eliminate centralized training and development classes for state personnel.  Many of the courses offered, such as, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” “Writing Advantage,” or “Boosting Your Creativity and Imagination,”[4] can and should be taken in the private sector by any employees wishing to upgrade their own personal and professional skills, and at their own expense.  There are also thousands of inexpensive books that teach the same lessons found in these civil service courses for those people interested in such lessons.  Even if every class were specifically related to job training, this need not be state funded.  Employees have their own incentives — pride of work, opportunities for advancement, for instance — to constantly upgrade their job skills and do so at their own expense.  Savings: $3,518,025.