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College Students: Is your professor hostile to the Free Market? Trapped in a Keynesian Time Warp? Do you need straight answers based on modern economic scholarship... Ask the Economist.


(Ask the Economist is on hiatus. No new questions will be answered. Please visit the archives for a question like your own.)

Navigating your way to economic truth can be a challenge. Economic fallacies abound, and the line between political opinion and established principles is often blurred.

Each week the Mackinac Center for Public Policy features an on-line economist to answer your questions about economic principles and their real-world implementation. Our "faculty" is comprised of university professors, professional economists, and policy specialists who recognize the importance of sound economics, and want to help you learn.

Questions on some topics come up again and again. The Economist has compiled a "Best of Ask the Economist" questions and their answers. Please visit the Ask the Economist archives before asking your question. Maybe it's already been answered!

PLEASE NOTE: Ask the Economist is not meant to do your homework assignments for you.  If your teacher assigns you questions that are meant to be answered by material from classroom lectures or from your textbook, then do not send those questions to us.  Ask the Economist is intended to help you understand and apply economics and economic issues beyond your normal coursework.  If you ask us, "What was GNP for 1992?" we will simply advise you to go look it up.  If you ask us something like, "How would the free market handle pollution?" or "Do you think free enterprise caused the Great Depression?" we will be pleased to respond in detail.  Finally, because of the volume of questions we receive, we must give priority to those who ask one question at a time.

To Ask the Economist, simply state your question as clearly and succinctly as possible. Questions may address any economic or related political issues. A prompt, personal response will be provided.

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(Ask the Economist is on hiatus. No new questions will be answered. Please visit the archives for a question like your own.)