Food Service

  • 211 districts (38.7 percent) contract out food services in 2014.
  • 16 districts began new food service contracts in 2014.

Graphic 2: Food Service Contracting

Graphic 2: Food Service Contracting - click to enlarge

Graphic 3: Districts With New Food Services Contracts

Flint Community Schools

Camden-Frontier Schools

Novi Community Schools

Alanson Public Schools

West Bloomfield School District

Bridgman Public School District

Richmond Community Schools

Benzie County Central Schools

Schoolcraft Community Schools

Negaunee Public Schools

Ishpeming School District No.1

Bloomingdale Public Schools

Pickford Public Schools

Hart Public Schools

Lincoln Park Public Schools

Gladwin Community Schools

After showing only slight increases in the past few years, more districts turned to food service management companies to operate school cafeterias than in any other year this survey has been conducted.

School officials mentioned that new federal regulations of school food selections might be reducing student participation. If students are not purchasing meals, it may strain a district’s projected food revenue, potentially creating a deficit. Districts may have responded by turning to private management firms to handle the food provision services to avoid taking this risk.

For example, Flint Community Schools began a new contract with SodexoMagic for food services. MLive reports that the contract is expected to save the district $5 million.[*]

Employee leasing agencies are being used in Bloomingdale, Bridgman, Lincoln Park, Pickford, Richmond and Schoolcraft to employ food service workers.

[*] Dominic Adams, “Flint Schools Outsources Food Service to Magic Johnson’s Company,”, June 19, 2014, WyuObc (accessed Oct. 20, 2014).