The Importance of Collective Bargaining in Proposal 4

As indicated above, Proposal 4 has a number of provisions. Granting a power of collective bargaining is only one of them.

Nevertheless, unionization is fundamental to understanding the proposal’s primary effects. The primacy of the unionization power is indicated by the title of the proposal as it will appear on the ballot: “A PROPOSAL TO AMEND THE STATE CONSTITUTION TO ESTABLISH THE MICHIGAN QUALITY HOME CARE COUNCIL AND PROVIDE COLLECTIVE BARGAINING FOR IN-HOME CARE WORKERS.” Collective bargaining is likewise the first provision listed in the description of the proposal as it appears on the ballot.[*] Both the title and the 100-word description were developed by the director of elections in the Secretary of State’s office, and they were approved for the ballot by a 3-0 bipartisan vote of the Board of State Canvassers.[22]

Hence, the status and history of collective bargaining for in-home caregivers will be discussed at length below. A discussion of the other provisions of Proposal 4 will follow. 

[*] See the Appendix for both the 100-word summary that will appear on the ballot and the complete language of Proposal 4.