All quotes and statistics not specifically sourced in endnotes came from interviews conducted by the author or from written testimonials supplied to the author between July 2011 and April 2012. He wishes to thank the following educators for the time, information and expertise they provided him in writing this Case Study:

Dr. William Skilling, superintendent, Oxford Community Schools

Tim Throne, executive director of strategic initiatives & technology, Oxford Community Schools

Andrew Hulbert, director, Oxford Virtual Academy 

Janet Schell, lead mentor teacher, Oxford Virtual Academy

Linda Lewis, communications director, Oxford Community Schools

Marsha Myles, president and CEO, EdTech Specialists

ALL PHOTOS by Daniel Montgomery, Mackinac Center marketing and design director. All photos featured online were taken at Oxford Community Schools, except the photo at the bottom of this page.


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7  Skype is a computer program that allows videoconferencing on the Internet. 

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