Trimming bus service divisive issue in St. Johns

ST. JOHNS, Mich. — St. Johns Public Schools is considering reducing bus service in a way that affects mostly Catholic school students and day care centers, a scenario that some parents say is unfair, according to a report by Fox 47 News.

The district has long provided bus service to both public and private school students, but now is considering eliminating door-to-door pickup in a way that would require parents of nonpublic school students to drive their children to one of three public school sites to catch a bus, Fox 47 reported. The district also may discontinue picking up children from day care centers.

“The plan they’re offering with pickup at the three public sites is not equitable. The only students who fall into that realm are our students in the whole district,” Principal Tomi Ann Schultheiss of St. Joseph Catholic School told Fox 47.

The district cited budget problems and at-capacity buses as reasons for considering the switch, according to Fox 47.

The Kids Zone day care center also will lose business if the district decides not to pick up children there to take them to school, one owner told Fox 47.


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