Appendix II: Select Data from 583 Michigan K-12 School Collective Bargaining Agreements

The data shown in the table on pages 57-73 were gathered from the collective bargaining agreements of all 583 Michigan school districts. The documents were obtained by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy using the Freedom of Information Act.

The following defines the terms and codes used in the Appendix II collective bargaining agreement table.

School District

The name of the school district.


The name of the employee representative organization that negotiated the collective bargaining agreement with the school district. In many cases, this is the name of the school district followed by "Education Association," i.e., Allen Park Education Association is abbreviated as APEA.

No contract. The school district did not provide a contract or was in the process of negotiating at the time of the FOIA request.

Not reviewed. The collective bargaining agreement was not reviewed by this study.

ER (Exclusive Representation)

Some collective bargaining agreements name a particular union as the exclusive representative for district employees. A "Y" in this column indicates that the agreement contains a clause that names the negotiating union as exclusive employee representative. An "N" means there is no such clause in the agreement.

US (Union Security)

A union security clause allows for the termination of employees who fail to pay union dues. A "Y" means the agreement includes a union security clause; an "N" indicates that it does not.

JC (Just Cause)

A "Y" in this column means the collective bargaining agreement contains a clause providing for a "just cause" standard of discipline and discharge for all district employees. An "N" indicates that the agreement does not extend "just cause" to probationary employees.

SC (Seniority Clause)

"Y" indicates that the collective bargaining agreement contains a clause that establishes seniority as the basis for vacancies, transfers, layoffs, and recalls. An "N" in this column means the agreement has no such clause.

PB (Pay for Bargaining)

Some collective bargaining agreements provide for fully compensated release time for employees who participate in contract negotiations. "Y" indicates the agreement contains this clause.

MS (Maintenance of Standards)

"Maintenance of Standards" clauses require that the contract language regarding teaching conditions and work load be so detailed that nothing in the working environment may be altered without negotiations. A "Y" in this column means that such a clause is in the agreement, or that "N" indicates no such clause or detailed language.

HC (Hudson Clause)

A "Y" in this column shows that the collective bargaining agreement specifically informs employees of their right, established in the U. S. Supreme Court decision Chicago Local Teachers I v. Hudson, to refuse payment of dues not specifically related to collective bargaining expenses. An "N" indicates there is not specific language in the agreement that explains Hudson rights. A "C" means that the agreement references an existing policy regarding Hudson rights but does not explain the legal precedents and rationale behind it.

CS (Class Size)

Many collective bargaining agreements contain clauses that establish class size guidelines or mandatory maximums. A "Y" in this column indicates such a clause is present in the collective bargaining agreement. A blank column indicates there is no specific clause addressing class size, but that school districts are not precluded from adopting class size operating policies.


The date the collective bargaining agreement reviewed by this study expires or expired.

Negotiated Fringe Benefits

Specific employee benefits negotiated into the collective bargaining agreement.

H = MESSA health benefits

Hn = Non-MESSA health benefits

H*= Benefits negotiated without a carrier specified

D = MESSA dental benefits

Dn = Non-MESSA dental benefits

V = MESSA vision benefits

Vn = Non-MESSA vision benefits

HDV=$ = A set dollar amount per month is allotted for health, dental, and vision

LtD = Long-term disability

Li = Life insurance


MP/C = MESSA PAK with cafeteria plan

R/D = Reimbursement of deductibles of insurance costs, up to a specified limit

A = Annuity (May be dependent on enrollee’s use of the health benefit package)

L = Longevity (Additional payment for years of service in the district, i.e. 15 years, etc.)

ERInc = Early retirement incentive bonus package

Ret = Retirement bonus for years of service

Sev = Severance pay bonus at retirement in addition to longevity pay

U = Uniforms

T = Tuition (T followed by a percentage indicates partial tuition payments)

TLOAN = Short-term tuition loans

At = Athletic tickets

$=PTC+RptCPkup+Rec day = Additional compensation for attendance at parent/teacher conferences, report card pickup day, and recordkeeping day

COLA = Cost-of-Living Adjustments

Chair$ = Additional compensation for chairs of departments

S+Fam+F… = Total leave days available but deducted from sick leave time

S# = Sick days and number of days

Wed = Paid leave for attendance at weddings

Va = Vacation and number of days

P# = Personal & number of days

Sab = Paid sabbatical leave

F# = Funeral and number of days

VAP=Voluntary Assistance Program

Fam# = Family illness leave (may or may not be deducted from sick days)

Rel = Paid leave for religious activities

EMERG = Emergency leave

Prof# = Professional/business leave days for continuing education, etc.

FLEX = flex time available

Hum = Humanitarian leave

Lia = Liability Insurance

Le = Legal representation

M = Paid leave when getting married

MERIT = Paid leave for meritorious service

RECR = Paid recreational leave

DRHTG = Paid leave for deer hunting

JOBSHRG = Job sharing available

Dues = Professional organization dues paid

Salary Range

The base pay and highest salary of the salary schedule are given for the 1997-1998 contract year or the last year of an expired 1997 contract.