1. Implement useful measures of student achievement allowing results to be compared across placements.

2. Improve accountability by linking student achievement to school funding.

3. Implement accounting policies in public agencies that allow for straightforward identification of total program costs.

4. Revise funding formulas, and state and federal laws (such as IDEA) to incorporate cost controls.

5. Eliminate arbitrary policy bias against private providers, including for-profit providers. Allow public agencies to contract for any services needed if doing so improves student achievement and lowers costs.

6. Identify and eliminate onerous regulations in the public and private sector, which drive up costs unnecessarily or interfere with the provision of beneficial services for students.

7. Where practical, make parents the gatekeeper of student placement decisions.

8. Grant tax credits to those who homeschool or bear tuition costs for difficult-to-educate students. Eliminate burdensome government regulations against privately funded homeschools and private schools.

9. Encourage the creation of charter-schools serving difficult-to-educate students by expanding charter-school laws to grant additional regulatory waivers, authority, and autonomy to charter organizers.