Mackinac Center Legal Foundation Appeals Loar v. DHS to Michigan Supreme Court

Wright, clients hold press conference at the Hall of Justice in Lansing

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Contact: Patrick Wright
Director, Mackinac Center Legal Foundation


Michael Jahr
Senior Director of Communications
Mackinac Center for Public Policy


LANSING — The Mackinac Center Legal Foundation will appeal the case of Loar v. DHS to the Michigan Supreme Court, according to Director Patrick Wright. Wright and his clients, home-based day care owners Sherry Loar of Petoskey, Michelle Berry of Flint and Paulette Silverson of Brighton, will discuss the case at a press conference Wednesday at 9 a.m. outside the Hall of Justice in Lansing.

The public-interest law firm brought suit against the Michigan Department of Human Services in September on behalf of home-based day care providers who were forced into a government employees union and had dues withheld from state subsidy payments provided to low-income families. In late December, the Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed the case without explanation.

At least 40,000 home-based business owners and millions of dollars were affected by the DHS/union effort to designate the providers as government workers for unionization and dues-collecting purposes. The MCLF is suing to prevent the DHS from collecting dues from the providers. The brief will be submitted to the Michigan Supreme Court Wednesday morning.