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  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan: A Privatization Profile
    The city of Ann Arbor has a successful privatization track record: vehicle towing, street and sidewalk repair, snow removal, janitorial services, and tree trimming. More can be done and DiGiuseppe specifies possible savings that could be achieved if solid waste collection, landfill management, and parking structures were privatized. 14 pages.
  2. Road Map For a Michigan Renaissance
    In the aftermath of the 1990 gubernatorial election, innovative proposals for a new incoming administration and legislature were needed. In a 20-point program, The Mackinac Center calls for a Michigan Grace Commission, welfare reform, trucking deregulation, privatization, repeal of the Prevailing Wage law, and specific tax and spending cuts.
  3. Bad Ideas for the Gasoline Market
    Proposed regulations on the marketing of gasoline in Michigan would put vindictiveness in place of sound economics.
  4. Michigan Says No to High Tech
    A tax on computer software would drive a number of businesses out of Michigan.
  5. Corporate America Feeds the Hand that Bites It
    Many business people say that they're for free enterprise while simultaneously undermining it by aiding its opponents.
  6. Cutting Spending-Not Raising Taxes-Is Responsible
    Washington shouldn't even think of raising taxes when the problem is overspending.
  7. New "Civil Rights" for the Handicapped
    Efforts to help the handicapped with legislation requiring employers to reconfigure their worksites are another example of good intentions producing bad results.
  8. An Agenda for Solving America's Health Care Crisis
    The best way to address the American health care crisis is to put market-based incentives in place where unwise public policies have been imposed. This study reviews the history and causes of national health care problems and proposes remedies such as the creation of medical savings accounts, reform of tax laws, and the repeal of expensive state-mandated health benefits. Released in cooperation with the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis. 33 pages.
  9. Where Does Economic Development Come From?
    It doesn't come from government subsidies; it springs from incentives and free markets.
  10. It's Time to Abolish HUD's Block Grant Program
    Scandals rocking HUD programs in Oakland County point out the need for abolition of block grant handouts.
  11. Minimum Wage is Lousy Economics
    Raising the minimum wage prices the least-skilled out of the labor market-raising Michigan's minimum above the national figure is economic suicide.
  12. Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act: A Disaster for the Taxpayers
    This special interest legislation was designed to help unions. The result is that costs are higher than necessary, and taxpayers are helping pay the tab.
  13. The Michigan Education Trust: A Political Economy Perspective
    Touted as cutting-edge public policy, the MET program is found to be a flawed political promise that might have to be bailed out by state taxpayers. Parents who want to save for their children's education have better options in the private marketplace. Subsequent events led Governor Engler to scrap the program. 25 pages.
  14. Michigan: An Agenda for the 90's Volume 1: The Growth of Government
  15. Michigan's Home Ownership Savings Trust: A Closer Look
    The HOST program was created in 1989 ostensibly to assist first-time home buyers in saving for their down payments. Wolfram and Kaza point out the fatal flaws of the plan and expose HOST as a boondoggle of the first order. Their analysis was instrumental in bringing about revisions of the program under Governor James Blanchard and its ultimate abolition under Governor John Engler. 8 pages.
Results 1 to 15 for the year 1990
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