88 New Bills in Four Days–a Sampler

Ban local Uber bans, restrict religious freedom restrictions, tax horse carriages … more

Wind Energy Allegations Deserve Hearings

Claims about efficiency, health hazards should be explored. … more

State Out Nearly $300M from Cigarette Smuggling

Yet another unintended consequence of high excise taxes. … more

Why Not Double the Prevailing Wage?

Arbitrary rate does harm taxpayers, school districts. … more

Open Letter to the Liquor Control Commission

Abandon rules allowing industry price collusion. … more

VoteSpotter App for Android and Apple iOS

Give instant feedback to legislators. … more

Center Files FOIA Lawsuit

State agency wants $1,550 for spreadsheet data. … more

Gov. Snyder's 2015 State of the State Address

Calls for six government expansions, one limitation. … more

New Cigarette Smuggling Data Released

Michigan still ranks 10th in the nation. … more

2014 Missed Votes Report

Which legislators missed the most votes? … more