February 12, 2016 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

Nude dancing, pet adoption background checks, unionization and pensions … more

Governor’s Budget Pays for Medicaid Expansion with a Gas Tax

And spending continues to increase … more

Higher Education Subsidies: Is College More ‘Affordable’ for Those Who Don’t Go?

Gov. Snyder’s budget proposal hikes cost to taxpayers … more

Andrew Coulson: In Memoriam

Remembering a great champion of educational freedom … more

Vernuccio Interviewed by Wall Street Journal

West Virginia Legislature votes for right-to-work … more

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Majority of States in Country Are Now Right-to-Work

West Virginia Legislature overrides Governor’s veto … more

West Virginia House Vote Could Tip National Scale on Right-to-Work

State poised to become 26th right-to-work state … more

Mackinac Center Subject of SEIU Protest

Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association at issue … more

VoteSpotter App for Android and Apple iOS

Give instant feedback to legislators. … more