Appendix B

Draft Constitutional Amendment to Increase Unclassified Employees


Article XI

§ 5 Classified state civil service; scope; exempted positions; appointment and terms of members of state civil service commission; state personnel director; duties of commission; collective bargaining for state police troopers and sergeants; appointments, promotions, demotions, or removals; increases or reductions in compensation; creating or abolishing positions; recommending compensation for unclassified service; appropriation; reports of expenditures; annual audit; payment for personal services; violation; injunctive or mandamus proceedings.

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Sec. 5.

The classified state civil service shall consist of all positions in the state service except those filled by popular election, heads of principal departments, members of boards and commissions, the principal executive officer of boards and commissions heading principal departments, employees of courts of record, employees of the legislature, employees of the state institutions of higher education, all persons in the armed forces of the state, eight exempt positions in the office of the governor, and within each principal department, when requested by the department head, two other exempt positions, one of which shall be policy-making. IN ADDITION, AT THE REQUEST OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OR THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION FOR THE PRINCIPAL DEPARTMENT FOR WHICH THE OFFICER OR BOARD IS THE HEAD OR THE GOVERNOR FOR ANY OTHER PRINCIPAL DEPARTMENT, THE The civil service commission may SHALL exempt NOT MORE THAN ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT OF ALL three additional positions of a policy-making nature within THE STATE SERVICE WITHIN THE APPROPRIATE each principal department.

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