Appendix A

Draft Legislation

2007 Revised Executive Reorganization Act

MCL 16.104 Principal departments.

Sec. 4. Except as otherwise provided by this act, or the state constitution, all executive and administrative powers, duties, and functions, excepting those of the legislature and the judiciary, previously vested by law in the several state departments, commissions, boards, officers, bureaus, divisions, or other agencies are vested in the following principal departments:

(Note: Strike-outs indicate language to be removed. Capitals indicated language to be added.)

(1) Department of State

(2) Department of Attorney General

(3) Department of Treasury AND BUDGET

(4) Department of Management and Budget GOVERNMENT SERVICES

(5) Department of State Police SAFETY AND SECURITY

(6) Department of Military Affairs

(7) Department of Agriculture

(8) Department of Civil Service

(9) Department of Commerce LABOR & ECONOMIC GROWTH

(10) (7) Department of Natural Resources, AGRICULTURE AND ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY

(11) (8) Department of Corrections

(12) (9) Department of Education

(13) (10) Department of Licensing and Regulation

(14) If section 28 of article 5 of the state constitution of 1963 is amended to provide for changing the name of the state highway department to the department of transportation. However, until section 28 of article 5 is amended in the manner described in this section, the name of the department shall be the Department of State Highways and Transportation.

(15) Department of Labor

(16) (11) Department of COMMUNITY Mental Health

(17) Department of Public Health

(18) (12) Department of Social HUMAN Services

(19) Department of Civil Rights


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