Michigan Education Report, invites readers to comment on selected articles by visiting our forum page at http://forum.educationreport.org. Here are some comments we received in response to our Spring 2007 issue.


Our article about a program for home-school students at the Delta College campus near Saginaw prompted these comments:

This sounds like a great opportunity for children who are getting educated at home. Many times these children miss out on extracurricular activities and the socialization which take place during them. It also seems like a good way to introduce them to college life. ...

- social worker,
Otsego Public Schools

Having spent half of my professional career in parochial schools and the other half in public schools, I fully believe that schools are not "one size fits all." The specific needs of each child must be taken into consideration and where opportunity allows, parents should have the right to make selections for educational experiences that meet those specific needs.

That being said, I have difficulty believing that most home-school situations afford quality educational experiences. This article indicates that many home-schoolers also see the weaknesses in home-schooling. By meeting together at Y’s or at churches, they, in effect are creating a private school. My major concern with home-schooling is the quality of instruction. How many parents are qualified to teach advanced or AP quality ELA AND chemistry or trig? My second concern is the social development of home-schooled children. The program at Delta can be a help in this area. But even weekly opportunities for in-depth course work leaves me skeptical that home-school children get the best of opportunities. ...

- counselor,
Albion High School

This program is spectacular. With the new high school graduation requirements coming into effect and the inclusion of the ACT into the high school testing setup, any type of additional class offerings, especially those geared toward these new requirements, will be impressively beneficial.

- psychologist,
Saginaw Intermediate School District


An article about the West Michigan Health Insurance Pool, and the school districts that joined it as a cost-saving measure, prompted this response:

It is unreal to me that so many of us taxpayers continue to fund MESSA’s insurance without any competition. The schools claim they have no money but it’s all going to MESSA. Kudos to the districts that have the courage to get competing bids and pool their resources.

- health resource consultant,
University of Michigan Health System


Two Michigan teachers who participated in the first U.S. House Fellows program were the subject of an article about their experiences, prompting this comment ...:

Thanks for informing us of these great opportunities. Hopefully, in the future, we can extend these opportunities to elementary teachers and students as well.

- principal,
Williamston Community Schools


Two guest educators argued for and against privatization in ‘Diverse Viewpoints,’ a regular feature of Michigan Education Report. In response, readers said ...:

The decision to privatize district services is a tough decision. Within our own district, we have privatized food service management and have moved some of our services to the ISD for more centralized services and district savings without seeing anything less than outstanding service from the employees. Good article and helpful information.

- school board member,
Grand Ledge Public Schools

It takes a whole village to raise a child. I can remember who my lunch lady was, the janitor and the aides...all of my years in education. Now, my sons do also. And I want to keep it that way! Our school system has chosen to remain public and not privatize. Good people for good students ...adding the personal touches and feeling as a team...

- teacher,
Saginaw Arthur Hill High School

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