Discussions by the Receiver with the Judge Ciungan of the 26th District Court resulted in emphasizing the need for the Court to be self-funding through increases in the fines and forfeits. In the 1984 through 1986 fiscal years, the Court lost almost $100,000. Through the efforts of Judge Ciungan, the 1987 fiscal year operations made a profit of $3,000. Most of this profit occurred in the last six months of the 1987 fiscal year. The combined 1988 through 1990 fiscal year profit of the Court was $266,000 arising from Judge Ciungan’s efforts. All of this profit benefitted the General Fund.

In 1987 and 1988, the auditors cited the poor condition of the manual accounting records maintained by Court personnel. In 1988, the Receiver commissioned a study to determine which computer system should be acquired to efficiently assist the Court in maintaining its accounting records, docketing cases and assisting in other administrative matters.

The computer system was acquired in the fall of 1988 and by spring 1989, the accounting issues observed by the auditors were virtually eliminated. The computer significantly aided in the administration of the Court offices. It is not possible to quantify the computer’s benefits on Court operations. However, it did contribute to the Court’s profitability.