SALEM TOWNSHIP—The board of Salem Township has agreed to turn over its payroll duties to a private company.

Supervisor Michael Penn said contracting out this service would provide some continuity from board to board, and would make it so that new employees wouldn't have to learn IRS rules and regulations. Penn added that the payroll company also could perform such tasks as handling W-2s, pension disbursements, federal tax returns, direct deposits, and electronic transfers.

Contracting out will also address the desire, expressed by employees, to be paid twice a month instead of just once per month. Township employees still will have to keep track of hours and time sheets so this information can be called into the payroll company, which has yet to be selected. The Salem board is getting estimates from at least three companies for competitive bidding on the service.

The idea was first suggested by Board Clerk Marcia Van Fossen last year as a budget-saving measure, but was turned down by the board.