Six facilities are highlighted in Part III to indicate the diversity and capability of Michigan’s nongovernment providers of education for difficult-to-educate students. They are The Manor Foundation of Jonesville, Starr Commonwealth of Albion, St. Peter’s Home for Boys of Detroit, Our Lady of Providence Center of Northville, Vista Maria for Girls of Dearborn Heights, and Eagle Village of Hersey.

The religious milieu which Vista Maria can explicitly foster is of great value in helping girls and young women make the transition from abuse and delinquency to self-confidence and responsibility. This is an advantage which private-sector institutions will continue to have over their public-sector counterparts.

The six case studies are by no means an exhaustive survey of Michigan private sector schools for disabled, incarcerated, or at-risk youth. They are intended to be a representative sample of the many nongovernment institutions that serve special-needs students.