The state Legislature and the Michigan Department of Treasury would develop the administrative procedures for implementing the UTTC. Such procedures should include the following provisions, described in detail in the section "Legislative Implementation of the UTTC" below:

  • Allow individuals and corporations the option to make one annual payment to a nonprofit scholarship organization or charitable foundation which acts as a conduit to make direct tuition payments and handle recordkeeping. This will remove from businesses and individuals the administrative burden of supporting multiple students at multiple schools.

  • Modify the state Individual Income tax form to provide a convenient way for individuals to claim credit against their Individual Income taxes and state education property taxes.

  • Modify the Single Business Tax form to provide a convenient way for businesses to claim credit against their Single Business Tax.

  • Create a method whereby businesses and individuals can claim credit against the state education property tax.

  • Provide for a standard receipt to be issued by alternative schools that will track tuition payments to each identified student and the maximum credit allowed for that student. This will assure that credits are accurately tracked and guarantee that the tuition payer can claim the proper credit.