Mackinac Center in the News

Economic Freedom Benefits the Poor the Most

Regulatory roadblocks hamper their earning potential. … more

Corporate Welfare Won't Save Detroit

Red Wings should build their own arena. … more

Center Analysts in Labor Day Media Coverage

LaFaive, Vernuccio in Detroit News, Free Press, Crain's. … more

Labor Policy Expert in Lansing State Journal

Vernuccio: Unions must adapt to succeed. … more

Corporate Welfare Awarded for Superhero Movie

Big Hollywood getting $35 million of your money. … more

Center Scholar Interview in Wall Street Journal

Dr. Richard Vedder on college subsidies and rising costs. … more

Center Scholar Discusses New RTW Study on WJR

Positive economic growth in RTW states. … more

Center Dominates Free Press Opinion Page

Obamacare, Medicaid expansion and education highlighted. … more

MCLF Lawsuit Draws Massive Media Attention

Dearborn union sued over worker freedom rights. … more

CMU Public Radio on 'Teacher Freedom Month'

Teachers can only resign from union in August. … more

McHugh on CBS Show Exploring Obamacare

Airs at 6:30 p.m. Sunday in Detroit. … more

Why Detroit's Pension Funds Failed

Center experts in Detroit Free Press. … more

Skorup Discusses Minimum Wage Laws

Guest on WSGW in Saginaw. … more

MSN on Ideas to Save Detroit Billions

LaFaive made recommendations 13 years ago. … more

LaFaive Cited in Macomb Daily

Repetitive language in press releases is tiresome. … more

Hohman Cited in LSJ on Wage Gap

State employees outpace private sector by 20 percent. … more

Rod Lockwood Interviewed by John Stossel

Discusses plan to develop Belle Isle on Fox Business. … more

Dodge Discusses Detroit Bankruptcy on WILS

Guest blogs about it at Independent Women's Forum. … more

Lehman in Reuters: 'Detroit Needs a Game Changer'

The solution? Eliminate city income tax. … more

LaFaive Cited Again on Detroit Bankruptcy

Fox News, Tony Conley Show, Education News … more

Open Government Town Hall in Grand Rapids

Center, ACLU, Michigan Press Association participating. … more

Media Tap Center Experts

Analysis of Detroit bankruptcy. … more

Center Cited by Fox News

Volunteers embrace civil society in Detroit. … more

CapCon Featured in Columbia Journalism Review

"They've broken some big stories ... the media has ignored." … more

Spalding Weighs in on School Consolidation

Focus should be on spending, not district size. … more

Center Op-Ed on Medicaid in Detroit News

Legislators need to learn the Hippocratic Oath. … more

Center Hosting FOIA Town Hall Meetings

Panelists include ACLU, MPA, Bridge Magazine. … more

Center in Detroit Media Spotlight

Awards presented to Thirkell Elementary, other DPS schools. … more

Court Ruling Impacts Civil Service Employees

Vernuccio cited in Detroit News on RTW law. … more

Center Cited on School Consolidation

Six-year-old study has answers state is looking for. … more

Media Highlight New School Report Card

Elementary and middle schools ranked. … more

Lehman on Gov. Snyder's 'Dashboards'

Are they driving accountability? … more

Spalding: Student Background a Part of Performance

Socioeconomic factors impact student achievement. … more

James Hohman on CNBC

Fiscal policy expert discusses Detroit's woes. … more

State 'Favor' to Jackson County Costs Millions

LaFaive says MDOC agreement unfair to taxpayers. … more

Center Analyst Testifies on Medicaid Expansion

McHugh: Obamacare "highly vulnerable to course correction." … more

National Media Highlight CapCon Story

"Teacher of the Year" makes $21k less than district average. … more

Reitz Cited in Wall Street Journal

Will Republicans cave on Obamacare Medicaid expansion? … more

Oliver Porter on Privatization in Detroit News

Replay of Issues & Ideas Forum now available. … more

'Cost Recovery' Schemes Uncovered

Center analyst exposes extra fees cities are charging. … more

Big Labor Throwing Retirees Under the Bus

Center analyst calls them on it in Washington Times. … more

Superintendent Bashes Parental School Choice

Do they want parents involved or not? … more

Reasons not to Expand Medicaid

Jack McHugh on WKAR's "Current State." … more

Center Education Policy Expert in Wall Street Journal

Michael Van Beek on Michigan's charter public schools. … more

Center Expert Cited by State Journal, WZZM

State employees in Michigan outearn counterparts nationally. … more

LaFaive on Taxes and Road Funding

Tony Conley show on WILS, Op-Ed in Port Huron paper. … more

Vernuccio Op-Ed in Detroit Free Press

Unions shouldn't have to represent all employees. … more

Spalding Discusses Land Bank Issues

Policy analyst on WILS in Lansing with Tony Conley. … more

Education Policy Expert Cited by MLive

A district or school closing is "for the greater good." … more

Center Legal Experts Cited on MEA Court Loss

Schools no longer spending tax dollars to collect union dues. … more

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