Mackinac Center in the News

Lehman Quoted on Recalls

Chevy Volt Story Hits Media

CapCon uncovers generous subsidies to Chevy Volt … more

Lehman Cited in Dome Magazine

Profile of Doug Rothwell, former MEDC president. … more

End of an Error

State's corporate welfare "authority" closing Jan. 1. … more

Skorup Commentary in Crisis Magazine

Census data gives clear picture of "the poor." … more

U-M Students Shut Out of Court Hearing

Grad students can't defend themselves against unionization. … more

Hand Wringing Over Liquor Reforms

Claims don't mesh with scholarly literature. … more

Center President Joseph G. Lehman in Freep

Op-Ed argues against changing recall election law. … more

SEIU Takes $28M from Medicaid Fund

Capitol Confidential cited in national story. … more

LaFaive Cited by CBS News on Detroit

State begins financial audit of struggling city. … more

Detroit News: Students Shouldn't be Unionized

Students are not university employees. … more

Harding Cited on Battery Maker's Decline

"Red flag" when subsidies dictate the market. … more

MCLF Cited in Detroit Free Press

AG joins fight against forced unionization of U-M students. … more

Center Experts in Detroit News

Op-Ed addresses liquor control reforms. … more

Center Credited for Ending Film Subsidy Payment

Editorial cites Center's work in uncovering $10 million plan. … more

Center Scholar Featured in Slate

Lou Schimmel working to save Pontiac. … more

Center Experts on Education, Labor Issues

Van Beek, Kersey in Detroit papers. … more

Center Expert on Detroit's Financial Crisis

CNN, Detroit News seek out David Littmann for comment. … more

Kersey Cited in Washington Times

Right-to-work laws create more jobs. … more

SEIU Scheme Leads Detroit Newscast

Center legal analyst explains illegal unionization money grab. … more

Gov. Snyder Discusses Mackinac Center Event

Says he refers to Center policy recommendations often. … more

Littmann: Congress 'Not Serious' About Spending

Senior economist spoke at Spring Arbor University event. … more

Center Analyst: Labor Law in Need of Reform

Empower workers, remove politics. … more

Illegal Union Scheme Story Hits National TV

CapCon broke the story picked up by Fox Business. … more

Michigan SEIU Story Draws National Attention

Washington Examiner picks up on CapCon story. … more

U-M Students Object to Forced Unionization

Grad students rightly point out they are not employees. … more

CapCon Draws Attention to Teacher Layoffs

Media fail to accurately report outcomes. … more

Center Scholar in Washington Times

Static snapshots don't tell income story. … more

Center Experts Attract National Following

Recent articles picked up by Drudge, The Blaze, others. … more

WEYI-TV25 Reports on CapCon Story

Grand Blanc adds teachers as Rep. Scott recall approaches. … more

Center Analysts Expose Corporate Welfare Failure

Harding, McHugh Op-Eds in Detroit, Holland. … more

Kersey Discusses Right-to-Work

Protection should be extended to all workers, not just teachers. … more

Online Learning Panel in Grand Rapids

Watch a recording of Tuesday's event. … more

McHugh Discusses Obamacare on Beckmann

Legislators shouldn't be in a hurry to create an "exchange." … more

Center Expert in Detroit Free Press

McHugh: Michigan should wait on Obamacare exchange. … more

Occupy Detroit? Why Not Take Responsibility?

Paul Kersey blog post picked up by Drudge Report. … more

Tea Party Uses MichiganVotes to Rank Legislators

Scorecard tool can track bill votes of your choice. … more

Harding Cited on Regulatory Reform

"Michigan is a hard place to do business." … more

Center Analyst Cited on Welfare Reforms

Asset limit for recipients proposed. … more

Center President on Recalls in Grand Rapids Press

Voters must safeguard ability to recall politicians. … more

Bloomberg Cites Center Study

Pension reform has saved taxpayers billions. … more

Kersey Discusses Labor Policy Forum

Radio interviews, video of Oct. 5 panel discussion. … more

Center Co-Sponsoring 'Ladies of Liberty' Talk

Author of Thatcher bio will discuss outstanding American women. … more

Paying Teachers Not to Teach

Money spent on union activity should be spent in the classroom. … more

Education Panel, Op-Ed Tout School Reform

The online learning revolution gains momentum. … more

LaFaive Cited in Wall Street Journal

Column about Gov. Granholm a scathing rebuke of her claims. … more

Kersey Discusses UAW, Detroit on National Program

"To the Point" heard from LA to DC. … more

Live Simulcast of Education Panel at Noon

The online learning revolution. … more

Van Beek: Offer Parents More School Options

Michigan needs to keep pace on school choice. … more

Center Cited on Internet Sales Tax

"Use caution," on new tax, News warns. … more

Flint Journal Covers CapCon Story

MEA, Chamber battle in recall effort. … more

Kersey Cited on Right-to-Work for Teachers

Says such freedom should be extended to all employees. … more

Kersey Featured in Dome Magazine

How civil society can help save Detroit. … more

Performance Review

Statistics show it's almost impossible to fire a bad teacher. … more

Center Scholar Appointed Emergency Manager in Pontiac

Municipal finance expert Lou Schimmel starts Monday. … more

Center Expert Cited on President Obama's Speech

Paul Kersey in today's Detroit Free Press. … more

Detroit News Editorial Cites Center President

Joseph G. Lehman on school choice. … more

Harding Appointed to State Panel

Committee will review occupational licensing. … more

Think Tank President Advocates Center's Analysis

State's profit on liquor is a "hidden tax." … more

Editorial Cites Center on School Employee Benefits

Michigan could save $5.7 billion annually with proper changes. … more

Over Par, Over Priced

Lansing loses money on golf while laying off police officers. … more

Going in Circles

Subsidies for NASCAR track questioned. … more

Detroit News Cites Center Analysis on Liquor Laws

State should end role as "middleman." … more

Schools Privatize Because They Must

Savings better spent on education. … more

Back-to-School Shopping

Schools, not parents, responsible for school supplies. … more

Kersey Cited on CMU Strike

PERA reforms overdue. … more

Questions Abound Over Liquor Laws

What the state's new advisory committee should address. … more

Center Experts Featured in Oakland Press

Op-Eds cover pensions, PERA and school choice. … more

Kent County School District Abandons Illegal Contract Language, Embraces Privatization

Byron Center will save up to $850,000 with custodial contract. … more

'Free' Meals for DPS Students

New program covers students who don't qualify for subsidy. … more

Michigan Schools Districts Embrace Privatization

More than half now outsource at least one noninstructional service. … more

Center Scholars Cited in Obama-FDR Comparison

Reed, Folsom in FrontPage Magazine. … more

MERC Makes Right Call on U-M Students

Legislature must act to clarify public-sector unionizing. … more

David Littmann on WJR

Economist discusses debt, interest rates and leadership. … more

U of M Students Saved from Illegal Unionization

State follows Center recommendation in making decision. … more

Center Expert Cited on Education

Legislature must act on virtual learning.  … more

Public University Students Not Public Employees

Detroit News editorializes against illegal unionization at U-M.  … more

Wright Discusses U-M Illegal Unionization

Students are just that, not public employees.  … more

Center Scholar, Study Cited

Benefits of right-to-work laws outlined.  … more

Flint Journal Writes About Cap Con Story

Cap Con breaks story on MEDC-bus company problems.  … more

Alcohol (Monopoly) Addiction

State should revise three-tier system.  … more

Center Chairman Honored

Olson elected to insurance hall of fame.  … more

MCLF Fights More Illegal Unionization

U of M now trying to unionize students.  … more

Crash and Burn

Government subsidy boondoggle that Center expert warned against falls flat.  … more

Help Wanted

Common sense need not apply.  … more

Editorial Cites CapCon

Beer and wine wholesalers' political spending questioned.  … more

A Call to End Forced Unionization

Union scheme puts thousands at risk.  … more

Green Jobs Mostly Invisible

Time to end state's renewable energy portfolio.  … more

Van Beek at School Choice Forum

Suburban parents fear Detroit students under Gov. Snyder's plan. … more

Editorial Cites Center on Tobacco Taxes

Higher taxes lead to smuggling, crime. … more

401(K) System Saves the State $4 Billion

A Business Insider article cites recent Center findings. … more

Labor Talks

Paul Kersey discusses the labor issues of the day. … more

FOIA Decision Bad for Taxpayers

Editorial questions high court's decision. … more

MEDC Accountability a Step in the Right Direction

Subsidy recipients should face consequences if claims aren't met. … more

Van Beek Part of July 13 School Choice Forum

Grosse Pointe lawmaker opposes school choice plan. … more

Power Failure

Flint's bus problems persist. … more

Misplaced Priorities

Political careerists serve the system, not the people. … more

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