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College football has its Top 25; here are the Top 25 CCs that scored with you. … more

Courting Change

Private groups that help families can ease the burden on Michigan's courts.  … more

Union Fable

It's better to take than to receive for unions when it comes to gift ideas. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS superintendent search, Gates report, win an iPod. … more

Taken Aback

Property owners deserve compensation when harmed by regulatory takings. … more

Government Inaction

A story of two people who helped others without relying on government. … more

Charter Change

A teacher outlines why Michigan should lift the cap on charter public schools. … more

Fork in the Road

Leaders who put personal power over liberty lead voters down the wrong path. … more

Michigan Education Digest

District surpluses, Northville eyes contracting, win an iPod. … more

Elephant in the Classroom

The defeat of Prop 5 is the beginning, not the end, of school pension reform. … more


Michigan can succeed if legislators fail to replace the SBT. … more

Mercury Misgivings

Diane S. Katz discusses her mercury report on WJR 760 AM. … more


A former public school superintendent preaches No Competition Left Behind. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DFT ousts leader, Hart leaves MESSA, win an iPod. … more

Net Gains

Michigan legislators should remain "neutral" on Internet regulations. … more

Incomplete Pass

Higher business taxes are passed on to investors, not customers. … more

Vast Stateland

Parents, not legislators, should decide what children watch on TV. … more

Chief Pontiac

Pontiac should contract public safety to protect people and their pocketbooks. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS enrollment drop, Dowagiac payroll, Niles bandwidth. … more


Michigan's alternative teacher certification laws could use a sanity check. … more

Around the State

A digest of privatization initiatives and news from across Michigan. … more

Think Tank Thanks

The hard work of our sister free-market organizations is reason to give thanks. … more

Golden Rule

Workers send real money to Washington. Grover Cleveland returned the favor. … more

Poly Sci

Mackinac Center's new MichiganScience magazine looks at the policy of science. … more

Friedman Fan

An economist's tribute to Milton Friedman. … more

Remembering Friedman

Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman's influence on the Mackinac Center. … more

Prop 5 Take 5

Proposal 5 defeat doesn't mean the issue is solved. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Prop. 5 rejected, DPS sued, EDPS opens enrollment. … more

Shall Business Triumph?

Demise of the SBT shouldn’t mean more disincentives for business. … more


Michigan's elected officials should come clean on Canadian trash. … more

Sink or Swim

Michigan is barely treading water compared to its Great Lakes neighbors. … more

Tiger Tales

The history of Tiger Stadium shows that private ownership is a home run. … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS fights union, Lansing cuts teacher stipend, lock-down drill angers parents. … more

Artistic Expression

Cutting funding for the Ann Arbor Film Festival isn't censorship. … more

Blank Check

Proposal 5 is about teacher pensions, not students. … more

Fear and Loathing

Politicans will say or do anything to get elected. … more

Mission Creep

Prop 5 will merely enable public schools to maintain noneducational activities.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

GRCC leaves MESSA, MEAP rules violated, USDE on same-gender schools. … more

Déjà Vu All Over Again

When government picks winners and losers, we all lose. … more

Property Proposal

Prop 4 would protect private property from governmental economic takings. … more

Room Service

Detroit's Statler Hotel was once a symbol of innovation and customer service.  … more

Right-to-Work Works

Idaho's 20-year experience with right-to-work produced solid economic benefits. … more

Michigan Education Digest

Major newspapers against Prop 5, DPS enrollment and layoffs, teacher survey. … more

Barbed Wire

A gritty HBO drama explores the failures of inner-city public schools. … more

Poll Fault

Public opinion surveys are important, but they need to be done right.  … more

The "Forgotten" Proposal

Proposal 1 is often overlooked, but voters should remember to look it over.  … more

Michigan Education Digest

DPS bidding issues, State Board of Education races, Flint enrollment down … more

Arrested Adolescence

It is an immature impulse to seek state force to achieve personal benefits. … more

Check the Label

Ideas and principles — not labels — should inform our political discourse. … more

Parent Power

One school district's success with choice can be a model for Michigan. … more

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